Client Spotlight – Dashine (big mountain) dominating Taiwan

Bringing the delicious taste of King River Wagyu to Taiwan is international importer Dashine Fine Foods. Dashine, led by Jeffrey Lin, enjoys a thriving and successful partnership with King River. While Dashine is now one of Taiwan’s largest fine foods importers, their business started much closer to home, raising and selling Cherry Valley Duck. Thirteen...

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Aussie Wagyu in the USA

The American Wagyu market has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. The rich marbling, unmatched tenderness, and melt-in-your-mouth texture are some characteristics that have gained Wagyu a cult following among beef enthusiasts. The emphasis on quality, ethical farming practices, and a commitment to excellence have also contributed to its ever-growing appeal and broadening...

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Our Year In Review 2023

As we come to the end of 2023, we reflect on a year of growth and accomplishments. Over one big year, our herds have seen significant expansion, breeding programs continue to evolve, partnerships and exposure have grown nationally and internationally, and we have been honoured to mark the year with a number of awards. Join...

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Elevate your celebration with Wagyu

As winter wraps Hong Kong and China in a cool embrace during the Winter Solstice Festival, families gather to celebrate the longest night of the year. While succulent beef dumplings, luxurious Wagyu roasts, and sizzling hot pots with thinly sliced Wagyu take centre stage, King River’s Wagyu with rich flavour and marbling can add an...

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How does King River produce award-winning Wagyu?

The Wagyu competition space is highly competitive, with various producers from around Australia vying for a podium position. From visual impact to mouth-feel, cuts are compared by top industry experts to crown the best of the best producers. For King River, winning awards is more than just nice for the mantle piece. Each award is...

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