King River Beef

We are proud of our Australian Wagyu beef, from our family farms to your table.

The King River product range

F1-F4 Wagyu

Purebred Wagyu

Our F1-F4 Wagyu program consists of cattle with the genetic make-up of between 50%(F1) – 93.75% (F4) Wagyu descent. Through years of genetic research, our crossbreeding program delivers larger cattle, high marbling and better value for money. We are consistently improving our herd each year to provide the finest eating experiences.

Our purebred program is the highest percentage Wagyu product available. Our purebreds range from 93.75% to 100% pure Japanese Wagyu. Our paddock-to-plate Wagyu breeding program has proven to rear large, stress-free Wagyu who produce finer marbling, nutrient-dense meat and flavour-rich end product. For those wanting the truest Wagyu experience, Purebred is the clear choice.

Paddock to Plate

Genetics and quality

Over decades, we’ve refined our Wagyu breeding program for high fertility, excellent temperament, and prime eating quality with the famous Wagyu marbling.

Prime Grazing Land

The King River farms are located along rivers in northern Queensland and are strategically and vertically integrated. This assures client confidence in the quality and traceability of our products. The cattle have plenty of room to roam safely, grazing as they like along the rich river grasslands.

Feedlot for grain-fed finish

Five stations across Queensland strategically and vertically integrated providing confidence in the quality and traceability of our products.


Our processing facilities are state-of-the-art, with strict quality assurance protocols in place for consistent and reliable products. To add to transparency, we provide customers with real-time production updates, including photos of the finished product the day it’s processed. All products are MSA graded for independent quality assurance, and packed in high-quality packaging that ensures the meat will arrive in excellent condition.

Export to your plate

Our business focuses heavily on efficient and reliable shipping and logistics partners, whether by air or sea. We personally oversee the whole process, including packing containers, export and import documentation (including Halal certificates, certificates of origin and health certificates ) – anything that needs to be done to get a quality product to your plate.

King River – leading the way

We understand what it takes to stay ahead of the market, and we use each and every step in our processes to make the difference and put the highest quality Wagyu on the plate, again and again.

Meeting the specifications of each client, and even exceeding expectations, is important to us. You’ll work directly with a staff member to deliver your exact requirements.

We provide you with a personalised production schedule to support you in coordinating shipping and associated logistics, with real-time updates and even photos of the finished product the day it is processed.

King River works closely with specialist abattoir and shipping facilities to ensure they hold the appropriate licensing and quality certifications. This supports a smooth transition to export with all documentation to comply with international governing authorities. We can even assist with insurance at competitive rates to ensure your peace of mind throughout the journey.

MSA Accreditation

King River uses Meat Standards of Australia (MSA) accredited processing facilities that also use the AUS-MEAT Chiller Assessment Code. Meat Standards Australia (MSA) is an independent quality system that accurately predicts eating quality for cuts of beef, based on a complex series of factors. The MSA cut-based approach considers on-farm, processing, carcass attributes, ageing and cooking pathways, audited across the entire supply chain.

Grain Fed Certification

Beef that is processed as Grain Fed has met a series of rigorous standards and comes with clearly traceable documentation.
The feedlot must be accredited with the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) and audited by AUS-MEAT.
The minimum benchmark for Grain Fed certification is 100 days on the feedlot, with requirements in the energy and nutritional balance of the grain-based feed .

Halal Certification

Beef that is certified as Halal has met strict standards and auditing. These relate to processing with strict personal sanitation requirements in addition to manufacturing premises hygiene practices.

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Join our family

Working with King River means you’re a part of our family. If you’re a producer looking to add value by leveraging our superb infrastructure and global clients, we’d love to talk. We take care of several of the difficult parts of cattle farming. We pay our producers within 7 days of slaughter, and we work to the highest personal standards