Client Spotlight – Dashine (big mountain) dominating Taiwan

Bringing the delicious taste of King River Wagyu to Taiwan is international importer Dashine Fine Foods. Dashine, led by Jeffrey Lin, enjoys a thriving and successful partnership with King River. While Dashine is now one of Taiwan’s largest fine foods importers, their business started much closer to home, raising and selling Cherry Valley Duck. Thirteen years later, Dashine has placed King River Wagyu in high-end restaurants, tourism epicentres, upper-market grocers and luxury hotels. In a recent interview with King River, Jeffrey and Dashine’s Product Development Coordinator, Cyndi Lin, discussed where their story began, why their customers love the King River products and why the two companies love working together.   

The Dashine and King River story

Dashine Fine Foods specialises in and dominates the meat import market in Taiwan while also supplying groceries and desserts, making them one of the biggest national importers of fine foods. The company began in 2006 as Hoyeh Luxury Duck, initially distributing local Cherry Valley Duck raised and processed on their own farm. However, client demands prompted them to expand their offerings, establishing their international import business in 2010. Dashine Fine Foods was born, its name translating to ‘big mountain,’ reflecting both their geographical location in mountainous Taiwan and the concept that within the mountain, one can find anything. In October 2022, Dashine entered into a partnership with King River, a collaboration that has flourished into a fantastic relationship. Today, thanks to Dashine, King River products are strategically placed across Taiwan, featured prominently in renowned establishments like Michelin-starred restaurants Tutto Bello, Xiang Se, and Mandarin Oriental Taipei. Dashine’s reach extends to high-end grocery stores nationwide and popular tourist destinations, including the prestigious Tiffany & Co. Blue Box Cafe. Jeffrey, the owner of Dashine, says they choose their suppliers carefully as they know the quality of the produce, and the nuance of their business relationships is what gives them a consistent competitive edge in their industry. 

Why Dashine’s clients love King River Wagyu

King River is a much-loved brand amongst Dashine customers for its product quality, consistency and brand. As high-end restaurants, grocers and tourist destinations, the customers of Dashine need top-quality produce to impress their own clientele. Dashine customers regularly comment that King River Wagyu is visually impressive and often has marbling that looks and tastes higher than it is officially graded. They particularly love the consistency of King River, which provides them the security of knowing the quality they will receive every time. According to the Michelin-starred restaurants, one of King River’s key selling points is that all their cuts are shipped chilled and fresh, but never frozen. This ensures the product is in pristine condition, retaining its signature texture for an optimal dining experience. Jeffrey also says that King River’s brand is another important aspect of why their clients love the Australian Wagyu. Being in the fine foods industry, Dashine’s clients are interested in partnering with brands that suit their customers. King River’s attention to beautiful branding, active social media and in-depth marketing support helps Dashine’s customers promote their end product with ease. The brand not only showcases a high-quality product, but tells a story of life on land in stunning Australia and a trustworthy, family-run business. For these reasons, Dashine has found a growing market for King River in Taiwan and is seeing this unique Wagyu brand rise in popularity.      

The strength of business partnership 

Jeffrey emphasises that the value of this strategic alignment is not just a sales partnership; it’s a business partnership. Dashine loves working with King River for their personal service, flexibility, education and business support, and the passion of the King River team. “The market in Taiwan changes rapidly, and often requests come from our customers with short lead times. One of the best parts of working with King River is that they are flexible, understand our market, and willing to work with us to provide what we need,” says Mr Lin. Jeffrey also commented that King River’s product knowledge means they have been able to make suggestions and provide solutions that have helped Dashine meet and exceed their own customer’s expectations. With their emphasis on partnership, Jeffrey has loved King River’s investment in their company beyond product supply. “King River has added value to Dashine through sharing social media ideas and tips, getting to know our company and team, and providing helpful and practical training and education on their products.” While these are benefits enough, the Dashine team commented that King River’s passion for Wagyu and the King River story truly makes their business partnership a delight. They love that the King River team is excited about what they do and seeing their Wagyu enjoyed worldwide.

Client relationships like this are what King River is all about. As a family-run company founded on strong values, King River loves partnering with passionate, driven companies, restaurants and distributors all over the world. If you are interested in partnering with King River, please contact our team.