Behind the scenes at Lotus Park Feedlot

Meet the quiet heroes in the King River Wagyu value chain  Lotus Park Feedlot is one in the chain of feedlots throughout northern Queensland that host our Wagyu beef cattle for 100 – 300 days. Lotus Park, in the good hands of third-generation owners the Kemp family, provides a great example of how a feedlot...

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3 things that marbling can tell you about Wagyu beef

If you’re in the market for the best meat experience, then it’s no surprise you’re looking at Wagyu.  After Japan named Wagyu a national treasure and banned live Wagyu cattle export, nations around the world have had to implement smart breeding programs to produce quality Wagyu and Wagyu cross-breeds. But not all Wagyu cattle are...

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Life on the land – The Wagyu royal treatment

Life isn’t tough for the Wagyu at King River. With top-notch care, careful nutrition and lots of rest, you may even say they’re a pampered bunch. It’s not this way for all cattle in Australia, but we believe in providing the royal treatment for our Wagyu.   Why does Wagyu quality of life matter? The...

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Our Family To Yours

King River (KR) prides itself on being a company that is family owned and operated, with family values of honesty, respect and being true to our word. The Kemp & Rich families represent 5 generations of beef producers with over 200 years of combined experience in Australian Agriculture. Leveraging our grazing background, KR has developed...

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What is Wagyu Beef?

Simply put, wagyu means “Japanese cow”, but it is much more than that. Wagyu has a genetic predisposition to create an inter-muscular fat (or marbling) throughout the meat itself. Wagyu beef is different from normal beef cuts which have a fat cap on the outside of the meat, with wagyu the beast metabolises the fat...

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