Our Family To Yours

King River (KR) prides itself on being a company that is family owned and operated, with family values of honesty, respect and being true to our word.

The Kemp & Rich families represent 5 generations of beef producers with over 200 years of combined experience in Australian Agriculture.

Leveraging our grazing background, KR has developed into a fully integrated beef business giving our customers the unique opportunity to have direct dialogue with the families who have selected the bulls, bred the cows and produced the calves that have entered the production line.  Our business is run by the dedicated individuals who produce our product, and who stand by what they sell. This direct connection enables us to provide an open and honest service that cannot be imitated and cannot be taken for granted. We obtain genuine satisfaction from receiving photos of our finished product being consumed in restaurants and private dining rooms around the world. Nothing brings a bigger smile to these farmers in Queensland than seeing our beef being savoured by your customers.

In deciding to embark on the adventure that is KR, we sought to create a legacy, a story, an experience and an opportunity that enables us to share our passion with the world beyond our farm gates…but we can only do this if you agree to share this journey with us. 

Over 90% of our customers are based overseas > 9,000 km from the unchanging river country where our cattle are grazed and the feedlots where our livestock are finished.  As our world continues to be impacted by the devastating effects of COVID-19, KR’s ability to host customers on farm or have them present at our production days is substantially impaired unless customers are willing to undertake the COVID-safe requirements set down by the Queensland and Australian Governments. Whilst we look forward to being able to provide this experience again the in the future, we have pursued more innovative ways for our customers to be able to participate in the KR journey.

We employ a multi-channel communications strategy, tailored to meet the requirements of our customers. We can accommodate face-to-face videoconferences, videography of cattle being loaded, pictures of product being packed and provide updates on essential information such as estimated ship or air freight departures and arrivals or via any other medium by which a customer wishes to engage.

As soon as one of our customers commits to purchasing KR Wagyu beef, they become a part of the KR family – as our motto reads – from our family to yours.  

This week we have had the honour of welcoming a new member to the KR family who was able to come and meet the team on her recent trip to Queensland.  We thoroughly enjoyed showing her around the farms and look forward sharing this experience with more of you into the future.