Australia's most trusted meat exporter.

King River Wagyu is the result of 200 years of combined experience in beef production, delivered with pride from our family to yours.

The King River business, headed by the Kemp and Rich families, specialise in Wagyu beef production. We’ve built a robust business model that delivers the highest quality from paddock to plate for our clients around the world.

The King River team owns and manages the lands our cattle grow on. We work with established, trusted partners and we oversee every part of our beef production and export, including:
• 242,000 hectares of rich grazing land around northern Queensland
• the 10,000 head capacity commercial feedlot
• abattoirs and logistics partners
• in-country distribution networks delivering to restaurants, food services and stores.

Our produce receives royal treatment to ensure the quality and freshness of every cut of meat.

The King River Way

Our multi-generational families value honour, respect and only the best. It means that our valued clients enjoy a premium Australian beef product, every time.

We believe in a strong focus on meat quality and sustainability. We also appreciate that people like to know where their beef comes from. We want you to feel like one of our family, so we make the extra effort to make our supply chain fully transparent. We invite you to experience the process – whether that’s by keeping you up to date with the latest trends in the market or even hosting you in person.

The King River


Our premium brand leads a growing export market that demands premium products and personalised service.
As producers and exporters, we know the meat market, and we have excellent supply chain partnerships around the world.
Our reputation as trusted suppliers of quality meat extends to all corners of the world.


We add competitive value to every point of the supply chain.
Transparency means no hidden costs. It also means working closely together with integrity.
We make every effort to ensure our products get to you in great condition, ready to enjoy.


Already prized by esteemed clients, our King River Australian Wagyu takes quality to the next level.
That’s because we add quality to every step of the process. Serve King River Wagyu beef with confidence.
Our beef is consistently excellent and our production is efficient and dependable.


As fifth-generation producers, we understand what it takes to invest in future generations.
We also understand our clients expect the best, every time.
We are proud of every step in our processes. We’re happy to involve our clients along the way, thanks to communication technology.

The King river team

Our employees understand that they are valued for their abilities, individual qualities and achievements. Each one has an important role in the King River business.
The King River team has exceptional experience across the entire supply chain. We work in the languages you speak, and our sales team understand the cultural differences and requirements of our importers. As producers on the land we also thoroughly understand our beef and what’s needed to make it the best.
We also understand the technicalities of exporting and have a specialist Logistics Coordinator, with over 20 years of experience in ensuring product arrives on time and compliant with import requirements.

Where we work

Our cattle stations are spread across riverine grazing land in northern Queensland. Our properties are:

- Lotus Park
- Carmelong
- Eight Mile Station
- Mt Ravenswood Station
- Strathpark Station

We’ve been operating our feedlot for over 40 years. This extensive facility contains state of the art processing technology and equipment, and has a 10,000 head capacity.

Our Leaders

James & Robyn Rich

Founding family

James (call him Jim) is enjoying his best life. As a founding member and Director of King River, he’s delighted to be building a life and legacy with and for his family in the agricultural sector. Jim makes sure the business is future-focused for growth and stability. He’s particularly careful to set up partnerships where everyone benefits. Supported by his wife Robyn, if their lives were a movie, it would be entitled ‘Going Beyond’.

David and Linda Kemp

David & Lynda Kemp

Founding family

David Kemp is a dedicated second-generation farmer carrying on the enduring legacy of Lotus Park and the Kemp Holding. Being a Queensland farmer requires more than just hard work - it demands resilience, vision, focus, and a deep connection to the land. Supported by his wife, Lynda, they humbly embody the essential qualities of leadership, navigating the challenges of farming with determination and a shared vision.

Harrison Kemp


Harry keeps King River’s supply chain moving, so we’d say he’s the bull’s four hooves! Although his children think he just chases cattle and drives tractors, Harry does much more. From managing the feedlot operations, organising transport and overseeing the livestock movements, Harry almost never stops moving. The Kemp family has a long and distinctive farming heritage in Queensland, and Harry is proud to represent the family as a King River Director.

Joshua Rich


Josh, as he’s known in the family, has grown up around the cattle business. If Jim is the ‘bull’s horns leading the way’, Josh would be the bull’s eyes and ears, steering King River’s marketing and production, and keeping a sharp eye on business development and positioning. Although he loves doing work that comes naturally to his talents, it can be high-pressure. So in free time, find Josh relaxing at the beach or working out at the gym.

Anna Wilkes


As our CFO, Anna brings to King River her gift for seeing the big picture, understanding the numbers and designing a pathway forward to reach ambitious goals. She excels at synthesising information and devising strategies for the management team. With a family of her own, Anna resonates with the emphasis King River places on family and says that her greatest lesson in work has been the power of aligning her career with her personal values.

Kim Koh


We’re proud of our strong reputation for excellence in export logistics. Kim is the leader who builds our reputation by working closely with customers and all the transport partners involved in landing King River beef in the finest restaurants and kitchens around the world. Her experience and commitment to error-free, expertly prepared export documentation goes a long way to a seamless customer experience. While Kim enjoys seeing the results of her team’s work done well, she also enjoys downtime, relaxing with friends over dinner – a Waygu steak, of course!

Johnathon Turner


John understands fine food, and he knows what it takes to procure, prepare and serve dishes that delight. It’s only one of the things that makes him a great person to have on the King River team. John loves meeting new people and introducing new customers to the King River difference. Mutually beneficial relationships are one of our strongest brand values, so you’ll find John to be just like one of your own team, helping you grow your business alongside ours. As the Key Accounts Manager, John truly enjoys the process of understanding our customers, and then finding ways to meet and exceed your expectations. It’s not all work for John, though. He’s keen on sports (mostly from the spectator’s side of the field), and enjoys a quiet fishing holiday from time to time.

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