King River Supply Chain

Join us on the journey.

Join us on the journey

Our vision is to produce Australia’s finest Wagyu beef, while adding value to the whole beef export supply chain – bringing as much value back to the producer as possible.
When you work with King River – either as a producer or a customer – we are in it for the long-term. We take our customers on the journey with us, educating you along the way.

- More than just a word at King River

Our pricing is transparent, and worked out on exactly what our costs of production are. We can tell you how the grass is looking in our pastures, what the price of grain for our feedlots is going to be in three months’ time, or what the impact of the wet season will have on your next delivery. King River customers get a ‘real time’ production schedule so that you know exactly where your order is at any time.


We specialise in producing the finest quality Wagyu beef. The King River breeding program is second to none. Today’s cattle are the careful product of many years of acquiring and breeding in Wagyu genetic traits including high fertility, good temperament, excellent carcass weight and prime eating quality. The result is our perfectly marbled beef, ready for a fine dining experience.


The King River farms are located along rivers in northern Queensland and are strategically and vertically integrated. This assures client confidence in the quality and traceability of our products. The cattle have plenty of room to roam safely, grazing as they like along the rich river grasslands.


Once the cattle reach the 400kg weight mark, they are carefully moved to the 10,000 head capacity feedlot. Safe transportation at every step is our highest priority to ensure no animals are injured or stressed during road transport. We take utmost care, even down to lining our trucks with sawdust so the cattle have a comfortable journey between processing stages. All feed used in finishing the cattle in our feedlot is grown on our own farms, with 2,800 hectares under production in a mix of dryland and irrigated cropping. We grow corn silage, cotton, wheat, sorghum, chickpeas and mung beans .


All King River beef is certified under MSA grading, and grain-fed certified for independent verification of quality. King River’s logistics team works with the best in the business to ensure efficient export and safe arrival of product. We understand the specific requirements of each importing country, and we work to meet and exceed these requirements.


Demand for the best Australian Wagyu beef is growing, world-wide. We’re looking to expand our operations to continue supplying our customers with quality Australian beef. The essential ingredient? The King River difference.

We want to work with Australian producers who:

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