Aussie Wagyu in the USA

The American Wagyu market has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. The rich marbling, unmatched tenderness, and melt-in-your-mouth texture are some characteristics that have gained Wagyu a cult following among beef enthusiasts. The emphasis on quality, ethical farming practices, and a commitment to excellence have also contributed to its ever-growing appeal and broadening market. So, how does Aussie Wagyu live up to these high product expectations? Adhering to some of the strictest standards in the world, with generations of beef farming experience and a highly consistent product, King River in Queensland, Australia, delivers Wagyu that the American market can depend on.

How King River meets USA expectations

Australia is renowned for its fertile landscapes and commitment to high food standards. King River is well placed to exceed the expectations of the US market, with decades of farming experience, a team highly knowledgeable in the breeding, feeding and care of Wagyu, and well-developed international shipping partners. 

Premium Quality and Consistency

King River has two product ranges offering clients options from crossbred to Purebred Wagyu. However, no matter the breeding of our stock, all King River Wagyu are raised on pristine riverside Australian land and finished in our state-of-the-art feedlot. With a science-backed breeding program, meticulous care, and a team that is heavily involved in the processing of our cuts, we are keenly aware of the right environments required to produce high-quality flavour and impressive marbling. 

King River is also dedicated to consistency and is chosen by our clients because we reliably deliver exceptional Wagyu. While our consistency is linked to every stage of the Wagyu’s life, our top-of-the-line feeding program, monitored by a professional nutritionist, is one of the defining factors for product reliability. King River grows its own feed, ensuring that we know exactly what our Wagyu are consuming. We have a careful feeding program to ensure a stress-free, nutritionally dense finishing process.       

We know the American market not only values tender, flavour-packed Wagyu, but it also places high importance on visual appeal and marbling. King River consistently receives high digital marbling ratings and, because of our dedication to quality, has won a top three position in several prestigious Australian Wagyu competitions. Coupled with our experience in international shipping, King River products arrive all over the world ready to impress.

Aligning with American Standards

Australian Wagyu standards align strongly with their American counterparts, reflecting a shared commitment to product excellence in both nations. Those in the American market would be familiar with the Beef Marbling Standard (BMS), which provides a marbling rating out of 12. Other grading systems, such as Prime, Choice, and Select, or systems used by various associations, provide further standards for Wagyu quality. While Australian ratings may sound different, the scrutiny and quality control level is equally rigorous to that of the American market. In Australia, Wagyu is graded using the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) system and is given a marbling score out of 9. Australian Wagyu standards also often involve considerations of the breed’s genetic purity, colour and texture. The emphasis on ethical farming practices and meticulous care for Wagyu cattle is also a common thread that runs through both grading standards. Due to the strong alignment of judging rigour and stringent standards, King River can offer competitive, high-quality Wagyu to the American market.

Beyond the Steak in Australia and America 

While the Wagyu tomahawk may steal the spotlight in America with its impressive presentation, the American market is growing in its willingness to branch out and discover new ways to incorporate Wagyu. Consumers in both America and Australia are drawn to popular cuts like sirloin, ribeye, rump and fillet. However, in Australia, with South East Asian influence, different ways to use less-known cuts of Wagyu are growing in popularity. Similarly, conscientious American restaurants, butchers and consumers who want to waste less of the Wagyu carcass are also looking for creative ways to think beyond the steak

King River works with clients looking for a small selection of popular cuts, as well as those looking to have a wider variety of options and use a larger proportion of the carcass

King River in America: Growing in the Market

Seeking Partners, Clients, and Distributors

King River is actively looking for partners (including restaurants), importers, and distributors in the United States. King River is deeply rooted in family values and dedicated to business growth. As the demand for premium Wagyu continues to rise, King River aims to collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses to bring the unparalleled taste of Australian Wagyu to the American market. We are dedicated to coming alongside clients to support their growth and success.  

King River in Las Vegas and Los Angeles 2024

King River is hitting American soil in February 2024. In partnership with Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE), King River will attend and showcase at several events, including the NRL Season Opener in Las Vegas. 

If you’re interested in meeting King River on our upcoming trip, please contact the team today. We are happy to organise a time and location that works for you or to give you more information to come and spend time with us in Las Vegas.