Think outside the steak – Part one

Underrated Wagyu cuts and how to use them

In the world of Wagyu beef, there are some star cuts that are always in high demand. King River cuts such as the ribeye, tenderloin and rump not only grace the menus of award-winning restaurants but sell out fast from butchers and suppliers around the world. However, Wagyu has so much more to offer beyond the much loved ‘steak’. There are roughly 34 different cuts made from every Wagyu carcass, offering high-quality, nutritious beef from throughout the entire animal. From those 34 different cuts, some exceptional options are yet to be discovered by the culinary spotlight. For the adventurous, willing and financially savvy, less-known Wagyu cuts such as the Karubi Plate, Flank Steak, and Outside Flat offer a world of versatility, new flavours and cooking possibilities.

Wagyu Karubi Plate  

The Wagyu Karubi Plate, sourced from the belly area of the Wagyu, is a hidden gem in the world of beef cuts. The Karubi plate closely resembles the naval end brisket, with only one small cutting line difference between them, making this cut a fantastic alternative for any brisket-based meal. With high marbling, this cut works in a variety of dishes such as slow cooking, roasts, or soups. However, the Karubi plate particularly shines in Korean BBQ and Japanese grilled beef (Yakiniku). For a meal that’s sure to impress, try your hand at Yakiniku at home on a small hibachi grill. Additionally, the Karubi Plate is perfect for curing and making beef bacon. A personal favourite here at King River, this beef bacon recipe is guaranteed to brighten up your Saturday morning breakfast. 

Wagyu Flank Steak

While the Wagyu flank steak may have less marbling, it packs a punch in taste. Derived from abdominal muscles, this thin and lean steak carries a strong Wagyu flavour, making it an ideal match for bold and vibrant seasonings and sauces. Whether it’s the colourful spices of Mexican fajitas and tacos or deep marinades, the flank steak will carry your dish home. Best prepped on a hot grill, the flank steak is also great in stir-fries or cooked like a lean steak. The number one tip from King River is that this steak should be carved against the grain. Carving the right way will keep the meat tender. So, get out those spices and prepare for an unforgettable home-cooked fiesta with beef flank steak – margaritas are recommended!

Wagyu Outside Flat

The Wagyu outside flat comes from the silverside, which is located in the round. Being from the back of the Wagyu, this muscle is highly marbled but can be a little tougher. However, don’t let that scare you. The outside flat offers a whole range of cooking options to create tender meat dishes, with a distinct Wagyu flavour, at a very attractive price point. A popular use for the outside flat is Shabu Shabu with a hot pot. In Shabu Shabu, the Wagyu is sliced paper thin and then delicately swished in boiling broth before being dipped in delectable sauces. This cooking style is perfect for overcoming any toughness while highlighting the delicate marbling fat and distinct Wagyu flavour. It also makes for a fun way to entertain guests. Other great uses for this cut include roasting or slow-cooked methods, which give the meat lots of time to relax and soak in that fantastic intramuscular fat.  

So whether you’re ready to try a new cooking method, need a fun way to entertain your guests or just want all the benefits of Wagyu at a lower price, consider some lesser-known Wagyu cuts that haven’t hit the spotlight. There are so many ways to impress your guests and  incorporate high-quality King River Wagyu into your next exciting meal.