Why Wagyu is perfect for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a bright and vibrant celebration to say goodbye to the year that has gone, and bring forth health and prosperity for the year to come. Celebrated by a quarter of the world’s population, the Chinese New Year is shrouded in tradition and showcases the beauty of Chinese culture to the world.

However, new generations are starting to add a modern flair to enhance the timeless beauty of the Lunar Year celebration. New decorations, virtual red envelopes, and non-traditional food (or traditional food with a twist) are being intertwined with the traditional ways of celebrating. With this shift, Wagyu has found itself centre stage. Here is why Wagyu is the perfect choice for your Chinese New Year Celebration.

The perfect symbolic match for Chinese New Year:

The Chinese New Year celebration sets the tone for the year to come. Every aspect of the celebration, from decorations, to gifts, poetry, family gatherings and food, all represent hopes for a new year of prosperity. This is why Wagyu is a perfect match for the Lunar Year celebrations.

In traditional proverbs and paintings, the cow represents strength, hard work, resilience, and humility. By adding Wagyu to the menu, a family or individual shows their commitment to these virtues and places them at the centre of their expectations for good fortune. Wagyu also holds a modern symbol of wealth and luxury. This symbol establishes an expectation for prosperity in the year to come and shows lavish generosity to guests. Wagyu perfectly represents both the way and the outcome of prosperity. That humble hard work and resilience leads to wealth and generosity towards oneself, their family, and their friends. Including Wagyu in New Year celebrations is a perfect way to usher in a year of prosperity.

How Wagyu is being used in modern Chinese celebration dishes:

The popularity of Wagyu during Chinese New Year is steadily growing. It is sought after for its superior tenderness, premium fat marbling and flavour. For this reason, it’s hard to go wrong using Wagyu in almost any beef meal. As modern Chinese New Year dishes emerge, there are a number of ways Wagyu is used as part of the celebration.

  • Many choose to BBQ Wagyu. More than other cooking methods, BBQ relies very heavily on the cut of meat for the final result. Wagyu is a perfect choice to produce tender, high-quality BBQ dishes.
  • For a more holistic meal, some may use Wagyu in a hot pot, traditional slow cooked dish or a stew. While the recipes may be traditional, the Wagyu adds another dimension to the experience.
  • Of course, no one can go past the Yee Sang (Prosperity Dish) at Chinese New Year. Serve this traditional dish with a twist by incorporating thinly sliced Wagyu to enhance the flavours.  
  • For a crowd pleaser, Wagyu can also be used in Mantao for a decadent, high-end, version of this traditional dish.

Why King River Wagyu is sought after around the world:

King River is known for our high-quality cuts of meat, premium marbling and supply chain excellence. We are one of the few operators in Australia that see our product through from conception to consumption. Seeing the direct impact of our breeding and care on the final product means we take our stock rearing very seriously. We know that the cattle’s quality of life, including nutrition, stress, water and pasture land, all contribute to the weight of the Wagyu and the development of premium marbling fat.

With five generations of farming under our belt, we also deeply respect the beasts that have supported our family for so many years. So at King River, Wagyu are given the royal treatment. From careful breeding to state-of-the-art feeding and cushioned transport, we make sure our Wagyu have optimal living conditions. This results in happy, healthy cattle and a flavour-packed product for our customers.

As the demand for Wagyu grows, more and more Chinese New Year recipes featuring Wagyu can be found. Chinese New Year may be another year away – but King River can be a year-round choice for the perfect celebration.