Behind the scenes at Lotus Park Feedlot

Meet the quiet heroes in the King River Wagyu value chain  Lotus Park Feedlot is one in the chain of feedlots throughout northern Queensland that host our Wagyu beef cattle for 100 – 300 days. Lotus Park, in the good hands of third-generation owners the Kemp family, provides a great example of how a feedlot...

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The surprising health benefits of Wagyu

King River Wagyu has become a popular choice around the world, from premium restaurants to home cooks that want a taste of luxury. Wagyu is famous for its exceptional flavour and texture, characterized by unique intramuscular marbling fat marbling and a melt-in-your-mouth feel. However, the benefits of King River Wagyu go beyond culinary appeal.  Wagyu...

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How Stress Impacts Wagyu

Humanity is catching up to something cattle farmers have known for a long time – stress significantly impacts the body. What feeding builds in cattle over weeks, stress can deplete over hours or even minutes. King River, as a conception to consumption Wagyu producer, sees this clearly in the feedback we receive from the abattoir...

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