King River Product Range

King River specialise in delivering the finest quality beef and have made our product range easily identifiable to our customers. We have the products detailed below: 




 F1-F4 Wagyu Program


Our F1-F4 Wagyu program consists of cattle that have the genetic make up of between 50% (F1) – 93.75% (F4) Wagyu decent. Some of our wagyu in this program are crossbred with our Angus program. We have found through years of genetic research that we can deliver a product with high intervascular marbling characteristics and be able to produce larger animals in this crossbred program meaning more value for money. Before we process our cattle, our production team provide a declaration around the percentage of wagyu genetics in that particular pen. Usually the higher the percentage of wagyu composite, the higher marbling characteristics. We are very proud of our F1-F4 program and are consistently improving this each year to provide the finest eating experiences for our customers.





Purebred Wagyu Program

Our King River Purebred stands above the rest: consistent marbling and genetic Wagyu purity, for a superior experience. Purebred status is only possible through careful breeding over multiple generations. To be considered a purebred, the beast must be at least 93.75% pure Japanese Wagyu. Our thorough Wagyu breeding program has proven to rear large, stress-free Wagyu who, in turn, produce finer marbling, nutrient-dense meat and a flavour-rich end product. For those wanting the truest Wagyu experience, Purebred is the clear choice.