Chef Spotlight – Trent Robson, Moo Moo

King River is a premium exporter of Wagyu products, and we also supply to premium Australian restaurants. One of these restaurants is Moo Moo, a steak and wine restaurant with locations in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

In this Chef Spotlight, we ’pull back the curtain’ on a highly-valued relationship we share with Moo Moo and Executive Chef Trent Robson. While King River does everything possible to produce quality Wagyu, the restaurant’s chefs determine the final eating experience. That’s why we don’t take for granted the opportunity to have our Wagyu handled by the expert hands of Trent Robson and his team.

Who Is Chef Trent Robson?  

Port Macquarie-born but raised in Brisbane, Trent Robson’s career began with an apprenticeship at the young age of 17. By the early age of 21, Trent was Head Chef at a small Brisbane restaurant. With his sights set on higher things, he moved to England to be Michelin-trained. Trent worked in Michelin one and two Star restaurants for almost four years before returning to Australia. Back in Brisbane, Trent worked at various high-end restaurants such as Pier Nine and 1889 Enoteca before starting at the well-known and loved Moo Moo, where he has now worked for ten years. At Moo Moo, Trent is the Executive Chef, overseeing the Brisbane and Broadbeach restaurants as well as the MooMoo2U catering service. Trent says that while his role is at an executive level, he still spends 85% of his time in the kitchen, whether it’s cooking, training staff, or connecting with suppliers like King River.    

What makes Moo Moo special? 

Moo Moo is a boutique Wine Bar and Grill that has been serving customers for almost 20 years. Moo Moo is “fun, fast and professional” with a focus on using high-quality local ingredients. Moo Moo is known for its comfortable and sophisticated environment, high-quality dining, and well-trained staff who can confidently provide recommendations.

 “We have a strong repeat customer base because people know that the quality is high and consistent at Moo Moo. This is directly relates to our positive relationship with reliable suppliers such as King River,” says Trent.

The secret behind Moo Moo’s steaks is its strong relationships with suppliers, enabling them to provide consistent quality and supply. The team works hard behind the scenes to source specific cuts of meat with the right marbling scores to meet customer demand. From there, the highly trained kitchen team ensures the meat is prepared and cooked to perfection.

How do you cook the perfect Wagyu steak?

While many people would assume perfectly cooked King River Wagyu begins in the kitchen, Chef Trent Robson says, “the perfect steak starts with the breeder, it’s the whole process, and it has to be well thought out.” 

“We buy only cartons of wet-aged beef of four weeks or more. At Moo Moo, we do all of our own cutting, trimming and rolling,” says Trent. Portioning and further wet-aging also happens at Moo Moo, long before a pan or grill is engaged.

Once the Wagyu is ready to cook, Mr Robson says they raise the temperature of the meat and then intentionally cook it under the request of the customer. The steak then rests for half the cooking time before being returned back to a hot surface for the final steps. The Moo Moo chef will baste the Wagyu with an in-house herb-infused oil and season with salt as the final step. Thanks to the careful resting process, the juices in the muscles are relaxed, and the steak is tender.     

Why did Moo Moo pick King River? 

As Executive Chef and the primary contact for suppliers, Trent says a number of factors built their choice to partner with King River. Trent first identified King River for their product-fit as a Queensland producer, as Moo Moo focuses on using high-quality local ingredients. However, what sealed the deal was King River’s family values, the connection Trent quickly developed with the team, and how King River treats their cattle with care and respect during every life cycle stage.  

As time has passed, Moo Moo has received consistently positive feedback from customers about the King River Wagyu, with specific mention of the flavour and texture. Trent commented, “People come to Moo Moo for Wagyu because it is benched with a high eating factor. We are able to continually meet customer expectations because of the consistent quality of King River produce.”

King River highly values our partnerships with passionate restaurants like Moo Moo and regularly welcomes new clients to our supply chain. If you are interested in having high-quality Wagyu from reliable, family-run farms, then contact the King River team.